Thomas the Train Theme Birthday Party

Hello all!

Boy oh boy it’s been a while. Over the last year I haven’t had the opportunity to really craft because I went and had a BABY! I can’t believe that it’s been a year already, today is his birthday. I decided I wanted to share some pictures. I know people are always looking for party themes, and DIY fun projects so this is a bit of an introduction to that. My sweet boy LOVES Thomas and Friends, so naturally mommy (that’s me) decided to do a party theme based on Thomas the Train. Since his party isn’t until Saturday, you’ll all have to stand by on the party ideas, but everything starts with pictures, right?

For the photographer information you can find it here and here

My Engineer Train Cake 1 Cake 2 Cake 3

And it doesn’t stop there! Have any of you tried making a Chalkboard Sign on your own? I know people like to sell these on Etsy for around $20. If you have the time, and the patience to figure out the tools, I created this adorable sign at It was a lot of fun to do, and I think it came out great! This will be on display at his party for sure!

Happy Birthday Buddy_3

Stay tuned for more party planning tips and tricks after the weekend’s celebration!

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Attn: Looking for additional writers/tastemakers to take on board for blogging. If you are interested please contact me via this page, the blog, or my email (chdesignchris{at}gmail{dot}com)

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Looking for Star Pop Writers! (Pop Star Writers?)


scott and zelda


Do YOU have what it takes to be a pop literary star?

If so, tell us why you’re the best literary pop star talent around.

Signs we’re looking for:


Pace, plot, and energy combined with intelligence and writing ability. Also color and clarity. (No vampires or zombies please unless you use them satirically.)


Are you a character or a caricature? In what way could we market you? Why should you be a leading face of the New Pop Lit franchise? NOTE: We also need supporting players.


NFL scouts look for the hungry football player. Boxing trainers look for the hungry fighter. We’re looking for the hungry writer!



We offer the opportunity to be part of the hottest new lit group around. We’ll soon combine the web site with a print version, a media event…

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Undeveloped and straying?

Nancy Chadwick, Memoir Writer

So here I have it, 66,000 plus words orchestrated to show my life experiences, baring my soul and sharing my bumpy journey through the years, my memoir.

I have witnessed its transformation from 75,000 words in tones of discontent, wonderment, resentment, with some anger and perhaps sadness thrown in there for drama’s sake whittled to an essence of bare minimum, the core. But by all true definitions of memoir, is it really one? Must a memoir meet certain genre defining criteria in order for it to be classified as a “real” memoir?”

And so I begin with my early years, where I use metaphor and symbolism to illustrate my central theme. I continue on my timeline with a brief mention of my birth, passing through grade school years, teens, and decades thereafter. I understand one’s biography does not a memoir make. And so begins the peeling of the layers, pulling…

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Facebook friend buys METAL MAN WALKING

DooRFrame Books

A Facebook friend I’ve chatted with for at least several years bought METAL MAN WALKING today. I’m very excited to hear this.

Every sale of a novel is special.

Thanks friend! Wonderful to have you as a reader.

P.S. My third sale of 2015!

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Attention all readers!

Looking for a good book to read these days…

Only $4.99 download your copy today!

Available on the Kindle and Nook


My brother, since he was a little boy, has always had the dream of becoming an author. He has always penned short stories, and found amazing ways of telling them. He had completed his first novel a while back, and wasn’t quite sure what route to take; self-publish? Or find an agent? After months of debate and research we all have convinced him to self-publish. In doing so I wanted to show my support of this project.

This is truly an outstanding read. I’m not saying this because the author is my brother (and I’m one proud sister!), I say this because he is so talented and his work deserves credit and appreciation.

If anyone is interested, please, download your copy either on the Kindle (if you don’t have a kindle you can get the free Kindle app! Mine works right on my phone), or you can download it on the Nook.

He also has a wonderful website you can check out.

Find it on Facebook too, and “like”! Click here

Thank you all for your support!


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Minnie Mouse Party

Good morning everyone! As promised here another post. This is the Minnie Mouse party that I attempted for my sweet baby niece. She turned 2, and she just LOVES Minnie Mouse!

I always see these great ideas on Pinterest (If you’d like to visit my site you can click here) and it really is a great way of getting ideas. Personally, I have so many crafts pinned, and not enough time to do them all! But once in a while it’s nice to put the pinning to good use. So, this is just a sample of using Pinterest and making it a reality, not just a dream.

Remember ladies, it’s all in the details. And details take time, patience and love.

Straws   CUte   Banner  Close Up

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Hey all! I know it’s been almost a year since I posted last! Boy oh boy! Don’t worry I haven’t given up on arts and crafts, or even party planning, I’ve just been lazy about things.

My husband and I purchased our first home recently and my focus has been mainly on that, and getting things set up. In our spare time, we’ve had the opportunity to share in plenty of wonderful life events keeping us very busy. So, no real excuse on my part just laziness about documenting my crafts, fun times, and creations.

Since it’s been so long you’ll be getting 2 posts this week. This one is a quick post for my sister-in-law. Her beautiful son was Christened on 7/21/2013 and I helped her out set up some centerpieces. The “Heavenly Trailmix” idea was ALL JENNY. (Buuuutttt I can’t promise I *won’t* steal that idea. It’s adorbs!) The lovely cake was made by Danielle, and it tasted amazing! Hope you all enjoy! Check back in for some more fun things that will be going on soon… 🙂

PJ1         PJ5

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Handmade Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween everyone! I was in a bit of a bind last week and I had a halloween party to go to. My orginal costume idea didn’t work out, so I had to come up with something else, but I was short on time and cash. Then the creative lightbuld went off, ‘I know! I’ll be a flower pot!’. A lot of people asked, “how on earth are you going to pull that off?”, I answered, “Just watch…”

Well I did, and I think it came out absolutely adorable!

  • I went to Lowes and got a HUGE plastic flower pot. I (yes, me!) drilled holes in it and threaded big ribbon to make suspenders.
  • I handmade each of the big purple and turqouis flowers by using this tutorial here.
  • I arranged the handmade flowers and additional silk florals I purchased from Michaels.
  • Then I used both hot glue and duct tape to stuff and secure the flowers in the pot.
  • I hot glued a felt mini vase to a headband and used a mini watering can as a purse for the added sweetness.
  • VIOLA! A cute halloween costume as a flower pot!
  • If you wanted to do a couples costume, your other half could be a gardener!


Hope everyone can stay safe during this halloween…

❤ Kelly

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a LONG TIME! Man things have been pretty crazy. I do have a lot of pictures of things to share with everyone, but that will wait for another day. Today I wanted to share with you these lovely pictures of Danielle’s baby shower. Her mom Louise was so excited to give her a beautiful shower but was SICK OF BALLOONS! So she contacted me and this is how things turned out. So much prettier than basic balloons and so unique people won’t forget them!

Enjoy! I hope this inspires someone out there to put a unique and pretty spin on whatever it is you may be planning. ❤



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